Moveable Arches by Omega

There is nothing like the ADJUST-A-VIEW® system offered in the window treatment market. Although arch and half circle windows have been around since before Caesar, their popularity has exploded as they are incorporated into more and more mid to high-end house designs.
Until now there were basically three choices in arched window treatments for large half and quarter circle windows: use nothing, use a fixed light filtering shade (typically available up to 6' diameter) or use a shutter. These three choices are at best marginal compromises. After all, these large (up to 12' diameter) arch windows are intended to be an architectural focal point of the home. Why would anyone want to "hide" them behind a fixed treatment (one that closes off the window and is never intended to be much for the view!!) Those who have opted to go without treatments have struggled with thermal, light and privacy issues.
The ADJUST-A-VIEW® system allows one to choose as much light, privacy or view as they want…………when they want it by adjusting either shade to: open, closed or any position in-between. Completely unobstructed view in the open position. The patent pending system utilizes a track mechanism that accommodates leading brands of pleated cellular shades. The innovative design provides for fast shade removal for window cleaning or décor change. The arch window treatment system is available for both large half circle windows and large quarter circle windows.

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