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Meet Joan Miller. Joan is passionate about beautiful windows, whether in a home or in an office. With over 25 years’ experience in helping people choose fabrics and materials, effects, and lighting, she and The Blind Ladies will guide you through the process of decorating your windows from start to finish, taking all the headaches out of the process for you.

In fact, whether you’re looking for top-quality window treatments, beddings. pillows, and cushions, The Blind Ladies is your one-stop solution. Let Joan and her team take your home from “blah” to “fabulous’ with their expertise and creative flair.

The Blind Ladies is a homegrown, locally-owned small business, built on trust and pride of craftsmanship.

Joan and Jim Miller started their locally-owned custom blinds business (J & J Custom Blinds) in 1995. Business was good, with Joan’s creativity and knowledge, and Jim’s installation expertise. Jim’s business occupied so much of his time and in 1988, Joan renamed the business The Blind Ladies. Of course, Jim remained her biggest supporter.

Residential and commercial clients have come to depend on The Blind Ladies’ unsurpassed proficiency for windows and other decorating solutions ever since. Word of mouth, and of course their reputation for excellence, have given their business a strong foundation and earned them a place of trust among their valued customers.

Why The Blind Ladies

Be sure that the customer is satisfied.

If, like many people, you are completely lost and don’t have a vision for the windows in your home, no problem. Joan will work with you to understand what you like, and what results you desire by selecting window treatments, bedding and upholstery for your home. Whether your preferences lean toward simple, clean lines or warm, traditional elegance, Joan can help you design the perfect solutions to make your home your own.

Many of my clients have found a picture on Pinterest or some other source, and they want to bring that look into their home. I can help them figure out if that look will work in their home, with their windows. If it can, then we go from there. If it can’t, then we pull elements from that picture that will work, and we go from there. We will not stop until the customer is completely satisfied. That is our only goal. – Joan Miller

When you call The Blind Ladies, you get a knowledgeable, quick response. You get Joan, and she sees the project through from start to finish. She treats customers the way she expects to be treated by any other business owner, with respect and care; customer satisfaction is paramount.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. No customer is ever left unsatisfied. Every detail matters, because you have to love the way your home looks and feels.

Windows are very much a part of that feeling, and I know that. Customer satisfaction is very important to me. The project is not finished until our customer is 100% satisfied. – Joan Miller


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A+ Rating! No project is complete until the customer is one hundred percent satisfied!

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