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Atlanta's Choice For Designer Window Treatments

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Meet Joan Miller. Joan is passionate about beautiful windows, whether in a home or in an office.

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We are proud to offer the finest fabrics and window fashions, creatively orchestrated by Joan Miller.

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What customers are saying: I'm not sure I've ever worked with more professional, hard-working people

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Our Blog

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  • Improve Your Health with Feng Shui

    Feng shui is the ancient practice of designing the environment in such a way that balances the energy

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    Improve Your Health with Feng Shui
  • What is Opacity?

    What exactly is opacity? Opacity is the amount of light that passes through the fabric.

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    What is Opacity?
  • Is custom the better choice?

    When choosing a window treatment, custom is the best way to get the desired look and feel that you want.

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    Is custom the better choice?
  • Spring Fever

    It’s not quite Spring yet, but with temperatures in the 70’s, it’s hard not to have Spring Fever.

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    Spring Fever
  • How much do window coverings cost?

    I will answer that question with more questions. The pricing is approximate, per window.

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    How much do window coverings cost?
  • Power Up your Shades

    When was the last time you pulled up in front of your garage, got out of your car, manually opened the garage door, got back in your car, drove your car into the garage, and then manually closed it again?

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    Power Up your Shades
  • Are Your Windows Talking?

    What do your windows say about your home? Are your windows covered or un-covered? As a window covering professional, I am always drawn to the window coverings in homes, commercial spaces, and on TV shows!

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    Are Your Windows Talking?
  • Tableaux® Decorative Grilles

    When a traditional window covering just isn’t the right thing, think Faux Iron.

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    Tableaux® Decorative Grilles
  • Plantation Shutters

    You’ve decided on Plantation Shutters for your windows. Where do you begin? Not all Plantation Shutters are the same. Most shutters are wood.

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    Plantation Shutters

Ordinary or Extraordinary

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is experience

According to top REALTORs in the Atlanta, Dallas and Nashville markets, the windows in a home are one of the top selling features. They invite light into a home, and they frame the view to the outside – trees, sky and thoughtful landscaping. Some say that a home’s windows are the eyes to the outdoors. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Beautiful windows make a home.

Now, take a good look at the windows in your home. Are they decorated, beautifully enhanced? Do they affect the way light enters the room? Or do they look the same as the day you first saw the home of your dreams – bare and neglected? Think of your windows as you do yourself: are they well-dressed, are they outdated, are they thrown together, or are they just plain bare naked?

If you answered “bare and neglected,” or even “outdated,” you’re not alone. That same group of successful REALTORs said that windows are the most difficult part of a home to decorate (“dress”), to enhance to their fullest potential. To many, the measuring, the hardware, choosing the right fabric and other considerations in selecting beautiful window enhancements is simply too much for many homeowners. The idea of making all the right decisions for each and every window can be overwhelming. The result: bare or outdated windows in an otherwise beautiful home.

Our Products

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  • Tableaux®

    Faux Iron Feature....... Limitless Residential Application - Tableaux Faux Iron Decorative Grilles.

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  • Wood & Faux Wood Blinds

    Window blinds are a popular option in home decor and in putting the finishing details on a room. The crisp line of these Parkland blinds give an uncluttered look to any window.

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    Wood & Faux Wood Blinds
  • Roman Shades

    Roman shades have come to be a very popular choice. Now available in different styles and fabric choices, they provide an option to traditional window treatments.

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    Roman Shades
  • Honeycomb

    Honeycomb shades provide beauty and insulation for your home. They come in sheer fabrics to opaque fabrics providing a variety of light control and privacy options.

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  • Woven Shades

    Woven woods are made of natural wood and grass type materials. For a beautiful, natural look which allows diffused light in, look at the woven woods. It's like bringing the outdoors inside.

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    Woven Shades
  • Plantation Shutters

    Plantation Shutters provide a timeless beauty to your windows. Made locally of all wood, our shutters are available in 2 1⁄2”, 3 1⁄2”, and 4 1⁄2”. All shutters are custom-made and painted or stained to match your window trim.

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    Plantation Shutters
  • Silhouette®, Luminette® & Pirouette®

    Silhouette®, Luminette® & Pirouette® shadings are an alternative to traditional blinds. They come in 2", 3", and 4” vanes as well as translucent and opaque fabrics. Shadings are available as verticals called Luminette® and will coordinate with the fabrics of the horizontal Silhouette® shadings.

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    Silhouette®, Luminette® & Pirouette®
  • Roller Shades and Solar Screens

    Roller Shades and Solar Screens are not your Grandma's roller shades anymore. They are available in many stylish fabrics and light control options than ever before. We can even coordinate window treatments in the same or contrasting colors to work with your roller shades.

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    Roller Shades and Solar Screens
  • Moveable Arches by Omega

    Fabric shades for your arched windows that you can open and close.

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    Moveable Arches by Omega
  • Custom Bedding

    Set yourself apart from off-the-shelf bedding, you too can have custom bedding created by The Blind Ladies!

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    Custom Bedding
  • Project Gallery

    Custom Window Treatments can enhance your décor by adding a finishing touch. With a large selection of hard (blinds, shades, shutters) and

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    Project Gallery

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